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Alex + Alicia | Lifestyle Anniversary

Alicia's had the idea for a bit to take some lifestyle photos, and because her and Alex's first anniversary was coming up, what better time to get them done?! We grabbed a date and Alicia planned out some things they were gonna do when I came over. I'll be honest, it is always a little funny showing up at peoples door, scoping out their place for good light and kinda making myself at home, sometimes moving their things around! I think we were all a little awkward at first, but nerves quickly dissipated and we had a ton of fun. Their apartment was so cute, filled with killer windows and the two of them were *adorable* together. I told Alicia when I delivered her gallery that this session was easily in my top 5 most favorite I've ever done. I'm not kidding! I loved hanging out with them. I loved their place. I loved their kitty-cats. I loved the photos. It was just all-around a good day!

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