Gunter | Extended Family

Extended family shoots aren't all that popular among the photographer crowd, at least from what I've heard! I think the size of the group is intimidating. You can really only look at so many faces at a time, or only get so many babies attention at once. But truth be told, I actually enjoy them! Honest! Especially when I get such a wonderful family like the Gunters. Sure, there were a lot of kiddos involved, but you couldn't have asked for a better behaved group (Children AND adults alike)! I've had the pleasure of photographing two of the 3 families before, so their kids were kind of familiar with me already as well. That may have helped! I like the challenge of piecing together the BIG photo. The family provided all sorts of stools and whatever I wanted, so I picked out two of these benches and used them throughout the shoot quite a bit. That was awesome! These always flow a little differently than a regular session. You're trying to cram as much as you can in a short span before the kiddos are totally over it. Being in the wedding biz has totally conditioned me to work under that kind of pressure though! I think we got some great shots and I hope they'll treasure these for a really long time!

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