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Korie + Breanna | Wedding

A little rain on your wedding day can't hurt when you're getting married out at a beautiful venue like The Dragonfly at Sleepycreek! Although we all had high hopes for clear skies, the forecast predicted 100% through the entire day! It's a potential recipe for disaster in some cases, but Breanna handled it like a champ with an "it is what it is" attitude, embracing all the good luck charms that a rainy wedding day is supposed to bring you! With a little rearranging, the hall became a perfect transitional space from ceremony to reception! I was also happy to have a little practice working indoors in this space before, because of the Styled Shoot I was a part of here back in February! Anker Florist knocked it out of the park, as usual, with the biggest bouquets I have ever seen in my life and stunning arrangements. While I was going around taking detail shots of the tables, Robert handed me a little remote clicker that, get this, turned on and off the table lights on a whim! I was floored. How COOL is that?! I've had so so much fun with Korie and Breanna at all of our meetings and their engagement session that I was very excited to work with them again for their big day! I can't say enough good things about them and their families. Such sweet, friendly, accommodating people! I loved capturing all of these special memories! Also, and say it with me: HALLELUJAH! The rain held up for just a few moments and we got to take just a couple photos in the vineyard! Both Korie and Breanna were troopers to do it too, because it was a squishy walk out there! PS, this wedding probably has my favorite bouquet catch picture I've ever taken!! ;) On to the photos of this happy day! >>

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