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Camden | First Birthday

Jumping on the blog post bandwagon again for sweet Camden's first Birthday shoot! His mom and dad hold a special place in my heart, as they have traveled...all over the world, really! But whenever they're close enough, always try and make time to come and see me! They currently live about 3 hours away, but still drove to Illinois so that we could capture these photos. That's some true loyalty right there, and I'm totally honored. I have loved getting to capture bits of their story through the years when the stars align for us to be close, and I'm hoping they align again not too far down the road and we get to see mom, dad & big brother Easton in front of my lens as well! You never know what kind of kiddo you're going to get when it comes to a smash cake. The parents don't even know, cause 10 of 10 times, this is the first cake they've ever just *given* to their baby to go nuts on. Sometimes, the little one isn't super into it and the texture/mess just isn't for them, even though it's sweet and yummy. Camden should be the poster child for First Birthday photos though, because boy had no fear and totally knew what to do with that cake. YUM! Enjoy this cuteness.


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