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Hunter | Newborn

Oh my wooord. My baby boy is 3 months old today and I had already forgotten just how teeny tiny the newborn stage is! Little miss Hunter is only 2 weeks old and so, so sweet and delicate. I couldn't get over her tiny little self! Hunter's mom and dad and I go waaay back. (Like, embarrassingly far back.) If we dug out the archives from 2013, you'd find the engagement session where I first got to know them! I believe we had an audience that day in 2013 of parents, and we had the same today! The now *grandparents* watched as we snapped photos around the nursery before getting in on the newborn snuggles as well. I'm so thrilled to have been invited back again to continue documenting this wonderful love story of theirs. This whole family is seriously one of my favorites. You guys are the best! I think the part of this day that rocked my world the most was learning that Hunter was born with 2 front teeth! What!! Go check that out along with a ton of other SUPER sweet photos of this little miss!

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