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Ryan the Rhino | 7th Birthday

What do you get when you have three children, one of them being a baby the other two in homeschool and run a photography business? Behind. You get way, way behind. I took Ryan out for his 7th Birthday to Kennekuk County Park to get some photos. In August. Of 2017. Yup. Clients photos have deadlines and all that jazz, but personal photos get put on the back burner until mama has a second. I've had no seconds. I love winter time for the break and refresh it gives me! ...Oh, crap, is that April? I gotta file these taxes!


He wore this pair of overalls that he picked out and bought from Big R with his own money. I thought it would be nice to feature them in the photos. Those and camo pants have been his "things" this year. He also really wants a "bad guy costume" (black and white stripe inmate outfit) but hasn't managed to keep his money saved long enough to purchase that one yet. :) This kiddo looks major different right now than he did in these photos! It makes me so glad that I took them, because I still marvel at how fast they change. Nowadays Ryan looks more like he's been in a fight and lost pretty badly. The Tooth Fairy has been shelling out mad cash around here as he's traded 7 of his front baby teeth in for adult teeth, that haven't quite come in yet. I think he looks super cute with his spacey smile! Ryan is a classic firstborn. He is a natural leader, picks up new things very quickly and is doing amazing at reading this year! He's a super big help with his baby brother, Liam. Watching him, playing with him, running to get me things for him. The difference between having a not-quite two year-old and a new baby and having a seven year-old and a new baby is night and day. SO much easier this go-round than when we added his little sister to the mix five years ago. Ryan loves Legos, video games, Minecraft, pretty much anything his dad does, but especially watching him play scary video games lately, his little sister and brother, his cousins, playing outside or pretty much any day with a fun activity. To the sweet boy who made me a mama, I love you. Sorry this took so long (but I'm sure you're used to it by now)

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