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Liam | First Birthday

Stop. Stop it right now. My tiny sweet baby boy is *NOT* a year-old already!! :'( I can't help but be so so sad on Birthdays. Don't get me wrong, I love the milestones! And every stage comes with its own set of pros (and cons...) but every year, proud as I am of the big person they are growing into, I will miss the current stage and the current age that they've been. It's sweet, and familiar and I've loved being their mama through these baby days so much. So today, I'm so happy. So happy to be his mom, so happy that he's here, so happy he's ours, so happy for his new discoveries. But I will also miss this little part of him, and I will cry. Because it's a final farewell to these early days. And I miss nursing. I miss that newborn squeaky cry. I miss him being a tiny bundle, barely able to sit in his carseat. I miss the way he fits just so into my arms. I miss rocking him to sleep... And I will love him every day this year, counting down to two, and I'll cry on that Birthday and miss all the new little things he will be as a 1 year-old. His funny set of baby teeth, shrill giggles and wobbly steps. Happy Birthday, baby, honey-bun, pumpkin, mr. man, bubby, sweetheart, lee-lee, Liam-badium-quesadium, and every other little endearment we've given you so far! Thank you for the sunshine, joy and love you've brought into our home with your sweet little self! We love you to bits!

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