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Big Thorn Farm | Published

Aaron and Anna started work on their brewery back in 2011. It's been an adventure for them, I know, literally building their space from the ground up! Now, the fruits (or, beers, I should say!) of their labor can be seen on shelves all across the state! And, they boast the only off-grid brewery in the US. They're the type of people you'd root for to succeed (even if I wasn't related to them) and I'm so glad that they have! Plus, my nephew Mack is adorable. That in and of itself deserves some recognition! I've had the pleasure of photographing them and their product a few times over the years now. We recently had a shoot to feature their solar power for a couple articles. One in Illiana Magazine, and the other on the Craft Beer website, right here! I get super psyched seeing my clients print and hang photos in their homes, so having some end up in a magazine or online publication is pretty stinkin' cool! You can check out their website at and click the "Find Our Beer" tab to pick up a bottle near you. Cheers!

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