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Cale + Kaitlin | Wedding

I heard from Kaitlin just shortly after her and Cale were engaged! As with a lot of my couples, my first interaction was with the bride, Kaitlin, seeking out vendors for the wedding day. I was available, we hit it off, and the rest is history! We went to Allerton Park in Monticello just a few months after our initial meet-up to shoot some engagement photos. I got totally turned around and lost on my way out there (HOW many times have I been there now, and I still got lost?!). I remember calling my husband crying and him trying to give me directions from Google Maps via me reading him random street signs. It was a mess! Luckily I found my way and was only just a few minutes late. I thought to myself, "Great, how unprofessional is this!" But they were so sweet, and the rest of the evening shooting with them was such a breeze. Kait even wrote me an awesome Facebook review afterward! Aww! Almost exactly a year after their engagement session, their wedding day was here! June 10th was absolutely gorgeous. Really, for June, you couldn't have asked for better weather! Sure, it got a tad warm sometimes but when we were outdoors for photos, there was a pleasant breeze that kept us cool. It's aaall in the details and every single one of them were in place on this beautiful day. The color scheme of gold and blush was very elegant! Rebecca (The Olive Branch Flower Art & Events) did such a gorgeous job! It's easier to take beautiful pictures when you have such beautiful things to photograph. Trevor (Maloch Media) recorded the whole thing. Videographers and photographers are pretty notorious for getting in each others way, but I would work with Trevor again in a heartbeat! He's awesome! Weddings usually make me choke up. Sometimes cry. This one had me in full on tears! I'll give you 3 guesses as you scroll through these images where I got emotional, and the first two don't count! But there's plenty of fun to help you recover by the end. Enjoy!

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