Evelyn | 6 months

I met this darling little girl when she was fresh IN the hospital, just shy of 24 hours old! I cannot believe she is already 6 months! I think Evelyn is such a beautiful name, and perfectly suits such a beautiful baby. We scheduled her session as far away from bedtime as we could while still getting some decent light. Honestly, I think she wasn't super thrilled about the arrangement. We broke out a bubble machine for a minute and if she could talk I'm pretty sure she would have said, "Is this supposed to impress me? Not today, pal." She still thrilled my heart with some smiles anyway, and her serious face is so. stinking. gorgeous. it didn't matter either way! I hope to photograph her again soon and maybe that time along with mom, dad and big brother!

#HomerLake #portraitphotography #6monthold

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