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Rosser | Family

I had the pleasure of meeting the Rosser family 5 months ago, when their sweet baby Billy was just 1 month old! Mom had the most beautiful newborn pictures of him already done in-studio, but she fell in love with the at-home style she saw on my page. One of their pictures is currently a featured photo on my Facebook Cover, I loved that session so much!

We got the whole family involved for this one and went to Heron Park. It's a location with sentimental value to them, which I love. It's also one of those places I just kind of forget that it's there until I stop by again and I'm like, "Oh yeah! I forgot how cool this place was!" This will be our 5th session together now! I am just loving watching Billy grow from that curly little newborn to *sitting up by himself* at 6 months now. What!!! The way he smiles and his whole face lights up with that little sparkle in his blue eyes might just be my favorite stage so far. He's such a cutie!

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