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Maternity | Herzog

I got on top of my editing pile (a rare and much welcome occurrence!) and then thinking I had nothing work-related to do (besides answer emails, post to social media, send out invoices, okay...well, the editing was caught up!!!) I'd been taking it easy with the kiddos. Totally forgetting I had started this blog thing! Whoops. Here we go... It has been a good while since the Herzogs and I have worked together! Their youngest little man here (who is not so little now!) was just a tiny guy! Julie reminded me that during the session a long time ago, he was just not having it. Fussy, wouldn't smile, which is sometimes just typical kiddo behavior... turns out he was sick! The poor thing! Julie and I have had a text conversation going for a good while before this session. I was trying to convince her she NEEDED a Pink Blush Maternity dress for the shoot! Okay, not needed...but I super love mine and I highly recommended them. She ended up purchasing this dress online, not from them but in a very similar type of style. The day of our session rolls around and she texts me, asking if I would mind coming over early to give my commentary on her dress and the family's clothing choices!! Um, hello, YES PLEASE! Do you know how often I've wished I could style clients? Haha! I get there and she is going back and forth between this amazing dress or capris and a tee! GIRL. I thought, as cute as you are no matter what, you are wearing that dress! She had multiple choices for all the kiddos too, so I helped narrow those down as well. So. much. fun. When I posted their teaser photos to Facebook and lovely people commented on how much they loved Julie's outift, I did a little fist pump every time! ;) We really had a good time traipsing around their property, looking for good light and making them laugh at each other and me to get some genuine smiles outta everybody. All babies are special, but this little guy has the honor of being a rainbow after a very sad storm. Julie wore a necklace throughout the shoot honoring Holden, their sweet baby boy who passed away halfway through his gestation last year. We also hung the necklace on the tree they planted in the front yard in memory of him. They are so excited to meet this new little one. Can you tell? He is going to be very well loved. Natalie

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