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Amelia | Newborn

I remember the first time, in the early stages of my career, that I had someone who I did not personally know ask me to take their photographs. It was kind of a strange and nerve-racking experience for me then. This session had me reflecting on that because I had not ever met Katie or Andy. We only have a whopping 2 mutual Facebook friends even! The difference is now I'm very used to not knowing my clients until our first session. As with most of these lifestyle shoots, that also includes making myself comfortable in a home I've never been to, and a lot of the time rearranging the furniture a little bit to get to the good light!! As you'll see, I didn't need to do any rearranging to make Amelia's nursery work for me. It is the most beautiful baby space I have been in, and it had to have been the brightest room in the whole house too! (Photographer fist pump!) I had a lovely time photographing this little beauty. Katie and Andy were wonderfully sweet and fun to chat with! I've already delivered their gallery and they told me they are in love with the photos! My favorite thing to hear. I hope I'll see them again soon. And that time we'll just be old friends. <3

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