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Jake + Kirstyn | Wedding

July 21st. I had the opportunity to adventure down some new roads. To a town and a wedding venue I have never been to before. I showed up a little early, (I'm always overestimating travel times, to be sure!) but almost made myself late circling the venue over and over again. My GPS said I had arrived, but I couldn't find it. Finally, I spied someone sitting in their vehicle with the window down. So like a total creeper I got out and asked them if they knew where Spruce Street Studio was. "Right there, across the street!" She said. It was this church building I had circled around at least 4 times already. Yes, now that I was looking at it, there was the huge metal sign on the top that said, Spruce Street. I guess in my mind I was looking more for a banquet hall, that I totally overlooked this building. Turns out, it *was* an old church..., but with a little "sprucing" up (see what I did there?) I walked into this really pretty wedding venue! I wasn't expecting that at all. Obviously. Jake and Kirstyn are my favorite kind of couple. Kind, funny, easy-going. I love being able to walk into peoples special memories like this, and be welcomed so warmly. I'd much rather be your friend than just a another wedding-day vendor. The clouds threatened some rain, but never followed through. We spent the day ahead of schedule, and at the end of it, the new husband and wife had a great time surrounded by their close family and friends. It was a good day.

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