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Seth + Holly | Wedding Day

You know what they say about April showers, huh? And here we are a week later and the rain is just now letting up. Nobody let the rain put a damper on this gorgeous day at Crazyman's Hideaway though. Holly was seriously the most chill bride I've ever seen about it, and then by the time everyone was ready to go out and take some photos, it let up to a drizzle and then nothing for most of the day! I know that was a "yes" answer to many prayers! I loved getting to work with Seth & Holly on their engagement session last year. I've known Holly forever, and Seth is so kind and funny. Capturing their love that day was so much fun and such a breeze, I knew that their wedding day would be a joy and it so was. All of the hard work put into this day came together so perfectly. Everyone looked amazing. The purple dresses and light gray suits went together so well. The flowers were gorgeous, food and cupcakes delicious, and even though the ceremony had to be moved indoors, that certainly didn't alter the heartfelt vows exchanged. Wishing you many happy years together! Enjoy the photos!


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