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Tyler + Haley | Wedding

March 24th, 2018. What we all hoped would be a budding spring day, maybe crossing our fingers for no early April showers, turned out to be one of the biggest snow days of the year. I know it seems cliche to talk about the weather... but it's an important aspect of the day! Since my favorite source of light is nature, the weather is pretty high up on the list of factors I'm considering on any given shoot day! Getting to know Tyler and Haley through our consultations and their engagement session, I knew that they were a laid back couple. Even so, I walked away impressed by their positive attitudes! "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit", right?! Haley was a very thoughtful planner, and her soft pink color palette complimented their home church really beautifully. I think my favorite thing about their wedding day, was the happy buzz of their guests. Man, they really turned out in support of this wonderful couple, and I loved that so much. I could see that they are very loved by their family and friends and have a lot of support as they begin this chapter of their life together as husband and wife!

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